Xane is a Naiad.

He presents a constant and dangerous challenge during the quest for Muramasa, and wields a blue dagger in one hand an a shorter red dagger in the other. He is infamous for the many times he has stabbed someone with his daggers, though the only persons actually killed during the comic by him are Tyrone (because he left anchovies off his pizza), as well as all the Undead Vikings.


His other eye randomly turns orange, and after some time, back to blue. It's unknown why this happens.

Personality Edit

Woah, serious villain is serious.

My goal with this comic was to showcase the two sides of Naiad assassin man: his oddly funny and charming side, and his straight-up-will-shank-you-with-a-magical-dagger side. Hopefully I succeeded.
-Jesse, comic #396
He was the most feared of king Xyvareth's generals in war... one part crazy and two parts insane.
-June, comic #427
I only stab people when lord Xylan tells me to.

...Or when I feel like it. Or when I'm bored.

Or when I lose my temper. Like that one time. Or that other time.
-Xane, comic #540