Undead vikings are viking skeletons who live in ancient viking ship in an ice cave. The vikings are cursed and the only way to lift the curse is if somebody marries Ina.


  • Ina Nordskov
  • Captain Solmund Nordskov
  • Lars Skulldrinker
  • Bjorn Bjornson
  • Thorlak Grismund
  • Helga Fisker

How are they cursed?Edit

They were cursed by Remmy.(Cyril's guardian angel).

Meanings of their names (in danish)Edit

  • Ina Nordskov = Ina Northforest
  • So(l)mund Nordskov = Lakemouth Northforest
  • Lars Skulldrinker = Lars Skulldrinker
  • Bjorn Bjornson = Bear Bearson
  • Thorlak Grismund = Thorlak Pigmouth
  • Helga Fisker = Helga Fisherman