Tyrone is an arms dealer who showed up in Comic #217 and says his name while practicing his entrance in Comic #218 He then died shortly after, and met with Remmy. Tyrone also has a crush on every female main character. He has a Minishark, altough he doesn't know how to use it, as seen in comic #218.


His deaths have turned into a running gag, he has died a number of times.
- #218 by Zombies when he first introduces himself to the reader.
- April Fools special by Jesse with his laser beam eyes.
- #232 by Aley the Fairy's Death Laser.
- #292 by Demolitionist's dynamite
- #421 Possibly killed by Xane for forgetting the anchovies.(In that comic, Xane mentions that he may have "minced" Tyrone while delivering Xane's Pizza.)