First appearance of Remmy.

General InformationEdit

Remmy is an angel that first appeared when Cyril died for the first time in comic # 19.

Remmy, as with all angels wears a mask.  When questioned about this by Cyril in comic #22, he responds that he (and possibly every angel)  do not remember and that it may be because the world is thought to end if a mortal sees an angel's face.

We see him again in comic #142.

Remmy likes playing CoD zombies with Gabe and trying to pick up babes at The Pearly Gates Pub .


Remmy at The Pearly Gates Pub being drunk

Nobody knows what his name is short for (possibly/most likely Remiel).

He is the one that gives Cyril the "reverse-engineered" cellphone when he died so Cyril could call him.

Remmy also shows up in comic #294, when Tyrone dies from dynamite, and another time when Tyrone died by zombies .

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