Iron Maxx

Iron Armor

Maxx 's iron armor was first introduced in comic#170 .

It is like regular iron armor, but the place where  your character's face shows in-game is black in the Comic.

Before Cyril gets drunk but after June arrives, Maxx goes to the corruption looking for adventure.

While Cyril gets drunk and goes to the corruption with no memories of the past couple hours, Maxx got a lot of iron in the corruption , leading to the making of the iron armor.

It is first shown in comic #170 when Cyril gets attacked by two corrupt bunnies and an Eater of Souls.

Maxx wearing the iron armor leads to a fight between the dryad June and Maxx , as the June doesn't recognize Maxx in it, and Maxx never saw June .

Maxx wears the iron armor through the EoW fight and until they get back to their house /pub and June breaks it off with a giant dirt bat in comic #211 .

Like the Skeledeath helmet, the iron helmet gets stuck on Maxx 's head

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