Ina Nordskov, also known while undead as Skelerina, is Captain Nordskov's daughter, which he swore to find a love for her. After Remmy cursed the vikings for approximately 500 years, denying them to the afterlife, the ocean froze under ice which then became part of Maxx 's world. The ship they live in is cursed, therefore anyone who runs away just comes back to the entrance. Ina is also Cyril 's not-legally-wedded wife.


The Captain introduced Cyril to Ina so that they could marry each other and undo the curse Remmy had put on the vikings and the protagonists. The wedding ceremony was interrupted by Maxx, who thought Cyril was being forced to marry her. After Remmy undid the curse, he lifted Ina to the afterlife with the rest of the viking crew, causing Cyril to be even more depressed, and unwilling to continue adventuring.

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