This article is about the Goblin species. For other species, see Species 

Goblins are green-skinned creatures who have pointy ears. They are based in goblins of Terraria. Grog, Smurg, Zok, Blog and Gurk are first seen in comic #182, in Cyril's imagination, as nudists. Goblin Tinkerer, Doktor von Vimplegürger, is first seen in comic #329.

Common Goblins Edit

  • Zok
  • Blog
  • Gurk
  • An unnamed goblin who was erased from future, past and all other timelines (never seen in comic, only mentioned by Grog)

Special Goblins Edit

Weaponry Edit

  • Daggers
  • Spike balls
  • Magic (Zok only)
  • Bow (Blog in comic #182)


  • Goblin babies are called "gobabies".
  • Doktor von Vimplegürger speaks with german accent. That's strange, because other goblins speak almost perfect english.

Doktor von Vimplegürger: Smurg. It is beingk some time.
Smurg: -Yes, some time since the Maniac freed us from the barbarian, Lord Grog. I trust that there are no hard feelings between us.
Doktor von Vimplegürger: -If one is to live with wolves, zey must eat raw gazelle lest ze pack enjoy zem as ze next meal. Ze gazelle, she gets eaten regardless. I am beingk used to this.
-Smurg and Doktor von Vimplegürger in comic #470