The Eye of Cthulhu is a boss which appears in Terraria. It is a giant eyeball.

Aley destroys the Eye.

In The Legend of Maxx, it is summoned when Maxx eats a Life Crystal.

It first appeared in comic #122


Cyril is the first to see the Eye when he looks outside the door. He grabs Hannah and Maxx and runs. After they escape Maxx decides to dig back to the house to get Hannah 's feminine hygiene products to use as weaponsCyril distracts the Eye using poetry, leaving Hannah behind. However, to save CyrilHannah throws her shoe at the eye.It chases her but Maxx then arrives and attacks the eye with shampoo. He "kills" it, but then it transforms into its second form.

Maxx draws his Cron Sword and attacks, but is beaten and severely wounded. As the Eye closes in on Cyril and Hannah,Aley appears, wondering what is occurring.The Eye promptly eats Aley. However, he "wants out" so he blows it up from the inside, destroying it.


Aley defeats the Eye with ease because in Terraria he is a hardmode enemy , and the Eye is a weak first boss .


Maxx fight

Maxx fights the Eye with shampoo

Maxx(killing the first form):

Looks like it's time for...     A deep cleaning!

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