Vital statistics
Position Maxx's guide
Status Crush on Hannah, hates Maxx
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m

Cyril is Maxx's guide and helper. He first appeared in comic #2.

In Comic #131, he presented himself to Hannah, saying that his name is Cyril. Until than, he was referred to as "Guidey". In comic #4, Maxx calls him "Whiny McWhinerton", and in comic #13, he calls him "Guidey McUseless".


General InformationEdit

Cyril has a not-so-secret crush on Hannah. Cyril's parents abandoned him in a python-infested desert and replaced him with a zombie . This is shown in comic #44. He still has nightmares about it. It also showed Day]] comic.

Cyril also ate a Nature's Gift (dubbed "Flower") in comic #253, in which he has been developing Magic Powers. He has denied this in his mind(#280), where the Nature's Gift has told him that he is now a wizard.

Cyril also becomes remarkably more insightful when he begins to fear that his life is coming towards an end 

("Imminent death makes me verbose.") such as in comic #110.

Aley describes Cyril as a wishy-washy coward in comic #96.

In comic #157, Cyril got drunk after tasting many strange drinks made by Aley and went on an adventure to find Maxx .

He eventually finds himself sitting in the middle of the Corruption with a soldier's uniform on and no memory of what's happened.

Cyril killed by Zombies
Cyril killed by june

When Cyril dies, like all other NPC s, he is taken to the Clouds by an angel in the Column O' Light (due to NPC s not being important enough to take to Heaven since they respawn in the morning). He has died an unknown amount of times so far, being seen dying in comics #16 and #173. It is also mentioned during comic #436 that, during the battle with Xylan's minions, he kept dying "every ten seconds."

When Cyril died for the first time in comic #16 , he was given a Cellphone by Remmy to keep him updated on what's happening below the clouds. When he died the second time, before he went to the Clouds , Hannah sprinkled some of Aley's fairy dust on him to resurrect him.

Starting in comic #56 , Cyril gets a fear of water, as they almost drown by going down a shaft.

In comic #320 Cyril begins his "training" with Flower, though it is not until comic #322 that he becomes capable of casting spells.

Cyril's favorite color is russet green. This is revealed in comic 318, shortly before Flower insults him for this.

Cyril is incredibly weak, because in comic #471, his arms pop out when he tries to lift a pickaxe. His arms pop out again in comic #517, when he tried to strangle Maxx.


In comic #163, it was revealed that Cyril is absolutely useless in combat, not even knowing which part of a sword to hold.

According to Maxx , he is useful as a meatshield. In comic #113, it is shown that Cyril holds a grudge against Maxx for leaving him to his death when he died for the first time.


After gaining the ability to use magic Cyril became actually useful in combat.

Known Spells:

Rabbit spell

Spell that summons a rabbit. Cyril learned it from the flower in comic #322. It was first spell Cyril learned.

Spring Lock

This spell was used in comic 419 and is most likely a reference to the Japanese game Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Rabbit Storm

Cyril summons a giant bunny to crush his opponent. This was only seen used on Xane (comic #400).

Banish Undead

Cyril summons a orb of light to vaporize undead entities. He used this spell accidentally while reading a book in comic #434.