Original comic version of the Cron Sword


The Cron sword (mod version by Rosenblack

General InformationEdit

The Cron Sword is one of Maxx 's strange epic weapons. He made it from the copper and iron he found while he was mining.

Maxx uses it in battle against the Eye of Cthulhu, but he is beaten and the Eye breaks it.

According to Maxx, it has the power of both copper and iron.

It first appeared in comic #134.

The copper was found in comic #79 crushing a skeleton who he spat on earlier (comic #50) and he found the iron in comic #14 at night.

Name OriginEdit

Fusion of Iron Sword and Copper Sword

Maxx battling The Eye with the Cron sword

Maxx heroically attacking Eye of Cthulhu with the Cron Sword

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