Chosen one is a title given to Maxx by June. Gunhands

General Information Edit

When June learnt that Maxx was a new player character, she told him he was the chosen one. According to June, the chosen one is a player character selected by the Dryad to go on a quest to obtain the four elemental swords and forge the Night's Edge, a legendary sword which must be used to defeat an evil demon in the underworld and free the world from a curse which seals away the Hallow. The Dryad use the Hallow for their power to combat the evil corruption energy used by the Naiad. According to June, there have been many Chosen Ones before Maxx, but all of them have failed on the quest and died. The prior chosen ones remain unnamed, except for one, Tristram, who according to Maple and Poa, made it the furthest in the quest of any before him. However, as of comic #511, Maxx has made the most progress of any Chosen One, as he is the only one to have made it to the Eastern Continent to retrieve the third sword. Because so many Chosen Ones have failed, June has learned to keep her expectations low, which is why she does not believe in Maxx's ability, but it is also due to his stupidity, which is ironic considering he has performed better than any other Chosen one.

Trivia Edit

  • According to June, most male Chosen ones, including Maxx, have developed crushes on her.
  • The reason of June's pessimism is that she has seen so many Chosen ones to die.