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Each chapter is defined by major events (June leaving, Cyril finding the Nature's Gift ... etc.). So far they have ended on a pixel recreation of the stage from Paper Mario.


Chapter 1 - The BeginningEdit

Chapter one starts at comic #001 and ends at comic #206 .

In this chapter there really isn't a goal. Maxx meets Cyril /Guidey , builds a house , builds a pub , Hannah the nurse and June the Dryad  move in. June  tells Maxx about the Night's Edge and that is how his quest really starts.

Chapter 2 - Obtaining the Blade of GrassEdit

Chapter two starts at comic #206 and ends at comic #279 with Maxx obtaining the Blade of Grass in a most epic way, juggling, he obtains it from the Dryad Elders for his juggling feats even though June has stated that he has proven himself:

"Elder Fungus, we had to fight our way though a nest of giant hornets to get here. Don't you thing that it would be a tad redundant to test him again"


Then, Maxx states he can juggle, which the Elders enjoyed.

Chapter 3 - You're a wizard, Cyril ./June Snaps/Meet the demolitionist and merchant .Edit

Chapter 3 starts at #280  , And ends at 299.

This chapter begins when Cyril is forced to become a wizard (by Nature's Gift ).

The ending chapter could be 299...that is if, something doesnt make june stay on comic 300.

Chapter 4-????

This chapter begins at comic 300 and ends at an unknown number of chapters,

it starts with 2 naiids talking about Maxx and the group. And they seem to want something with Maxx...

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