This article is about the Angel race. For other uses, see Race (Disambiguation) 

Angels are one of the races in The Legend of Maxx

They live in The Clouds .

All the angels wear a mask. Remmy told Cyril that if a mortal would ever see an angel's face, the world would end.

The known angels are:

  • Remmy , the angel that took Cyril to the Heavenly Waiting Room. He first appeared in Comic #19.
  • Michael , the keeper of the Archives of Truth.He first appeared in Comic #144.
  • Gabe , the one that keeps track of all the monsters in the world. He did not appear in the comic, but is known to be Remmy 's best friend.
  • Uriel, a female angel not show in the comic, mentioned in Comic #294, when Remmy assumes Tyrone has a crush on her and that's why he keeps coming back.
Other angels can be seen in The Pearly Gates Pub, but their names are unknown.


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